Propane Refrigerator Repair - Cooling unit Repair - RV Refrigerator Repair, Cooling Units

Does Your Propane Refrigerator in Your Cabin or RV Refuse To Cool Down? Then You Have Come To The Right Place.

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               Our Total Repair Service On Propane Refrigerators Includes  The Very Heart Of These Unique Propane Refrigerators - The Cooling Unit -Motionless, Steady, Efficient And Silent Operator-

Final Installation

Cooling Unit Repairs For Propane Refrigerators Are Highly Specialized And Require The Utmost Capabilities And Technical Skills. A Professional Process That Is Provided By our Shop. Every Step In Our Workshop Is Carefully  Carried Out And Quality Controlled To Achieve Professional And Reliable Repairs. We  Back Up Our Work With Confidence And Integrity.

Dear Herb, This picture looks like a man who loves his work! Our fridge is working great. No more ruined food. Hope your family and staff have a great christmas.

Silvia + Gerry Gulliford

Dear Herb,
It is nice to know that there are still some professional technicians out there and you are one of them.
In the past I have delt with other cooling unit repair stations and the return rate was alarming.Since you have been repairing my units in the last 2 years I haven't had any come back.A 100% success rate.You sure know what you are doing and now I can, with peace of mind, pass on that kind of service to my customers.Congratulation.

Larry Mobile RV Service - Kamloops B.C.

Hi Herb,
Thanks for your great service.
Cooling units on propane refrigerators are surely a specialty.We repair all RV and other propane appliances,but cooling units are a totally different " ballgame".The units that you have repaired for me since
I have known you have been trouble free and I would'nt hesitate recommending you anytime.Great service.

Quality Home Service Ltd. - Smithers B.C